-- Paul B Allen III: October 26, 2019


Music really is magical. It’s been with us from the beginning, with music being one of, if not the very first of the fine arts mentioned in the Bible and its history of mankind. 

Music affects our mood greatly. How many of us put on some music to listen to while we go about cleaning our homes or washing our clothes, etc.? Do we play dirges or sad songs? Emphatically not! It will be music with a beat that is pumping and uplifting. And it helps get us through the many mundane tasks we must complete that day. 

Are you melancholy and want to stay that way? There’s music for that. Have to fight a war? There’s music for that too. I have a dear friend, an artist, who knows certain keys of music that promote physical healing, and we have all had some emotional, spiritual, and yes, even sexual healing in our lives due to music. (Thank you, Marvin Gaye.) 

By nature, I’m a happy guy. If you see me, I’m generally smiling. I’ve always made my own sunshine and marched to my drummer within, but when I want to feel even more pumped up I know just the songs that will do it for me. I share my personal stash with you today. Some of them may have the same effect on you. 

I was assigned as a new store manager at a store that took me nearly four hours one way just to get to. I had to work seven days a week and I had to open and close the store each day. The store hours were from 9 am to 9 pm. I had to be there early enough to prepare for the store opening, and I had to stay after it was closed to do the books for the day. On my drive home every night, I needed to be pumped up or I knew I’d never make it home. Thank God for Stevie Wonder and his song “Do I Do.” That song kept me awake and made me feel fantastic every time I played it, and I played it several times a day. 

While performing at one of the most exclusive clubs in the entire world, the Yacht Club de Monaco, as a member of the Larry T-Byrd Gordon Band, I was blown away when we began to play a James Brown song, and Prince Albert of Monaco (I told you it was an exclusive club, right?) got up on stage with us and took the lead singing “I Feel Good.” He was great! Talk about fun. Obviously, “I Feel Good” was a favorite happy song of the prince, just as it has always been for me. 

I remember all of us (sister, two brothers, mom, dad and me) eagerly sitting in front of our TV (there was only one in the house back in those days, generally speaking) watching the Ed Sullivan Show, awaiting the performance of this new group called The Jackson Five. When they came out with little Michael singing lead on “I Want You Back” we all went crazy. It has been one of my “happy” songs since that night of Sunday, December 14, 1969.  Reviewing that history-making event, I decided to share with you a video of the group a few months after the Sullivan show, as they had improved immensely in their delivery as time went on. The clip I will share with you today is a rare one from The Andy Williams Show.

Fast forward several decades and I have found other songs that make me happy and keep me pumped up too. Like “Uptown Funk” by Mark Ronson, featuring Bruno Mars, and then the incomparable “Happy” by Pharrell. 

Enjoy these great videos and let them make you happy especially when you’re feeling a bit down. It works, take my word for it. Enjoy.

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