From Karaoke to the Platters   amazon.com/author/allenpaul3

The inspirational tale of how Paul B Allen III went from singing in karaoke establishments, to become the lead singer of one of the greatest vocal groups of all time. The Platters sang "Only You," "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes," and "The Great Pretender." Paul shares that journey of performing at venues like the world-famous Kennedy Center, backed by the National Symphony Orchestra, and his singing for the rich and famous all around the world, including performing for the Royal Family in London, Prince Albert in Monaco, and being invited to the White House to perform for the President of the United States of America. 

Benjamin Franklin: Time Tripper  amazon.com/author/allenpaul3

Benjamin Franklin eating at McDonald’s, “expanding his mind” with help from Dr. Timothy Leary, and jamming with Stevie Wonder? Why would he ever want to go back to the 1700s?

The Tall Tales of Erasmus Obadiah Short  amazon.com/author/allenpaul3

He wrestled with Abraham Lincoln, taught Michael Jordan how to dunk a basketball, schooled Warren Buffet on how to invest, invented the game of baseball, and taught Stevie Wonder how to sing. A reporter’s hunt to find and interview the oldest man in the world comes to an abrupt halt at an old folk’s home, when he meets Erasmus Obadiah Short, and hears the intricate, funny, and mesmerizing yarns that Obadiah weaves. The reporter is soon convinced that he has just found a better story than the one he had been looking for. But Obadiah’s story is bigger than even the reporter could imagine. 

The Power of X  amazon.com/author/allenpaul3

On Earth 2 the extremely beautiful Skye McQueen has been kidnapped. But if her best friend, called X, is going to save her, then X must become the very thing she hates most in her world -- a super hero.